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CTV Media becomes a part of your team. At CTV, your team of experienced media specialists handle all aspects of research, stewardship, media placement and reconciliation of affidavits and invoices. CTV Media is a privately held corporation and as a free agent our only agenda is your success. Due to our strong base of co-op advertisers, we have access to local, national and promotional rates. This access allows CTV to place your media buy for the best rates available since television outlets sometimes use separate rate cards for local and national business, often offering efficient rates due to supply and demand.




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CTV Media  Media Planning and Buying
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TV Analytics / Clarity TV Media Planning & Buying At CTV Media we do in-depth planning based on the most current resources available. We make complex data simple and complicated executions easy for implementation. Since we are independently owned, our information is provided to you objectively. CTV will easily and efficiently actualize your TV planning and ad placement. We design plans, provide research, coordinate traffic, track campaigns and audit invoices. These activities are automated and can be delivered expediently. Local Cable Database CTV’s proprietary local cable database gives you instantaneous planning data on every cable zone, DMA and network throughout the country. We can match cities, counties and zip codes while providing rates for standard dayparts in a matter of minutes. Coverage reports are produced quickly and zones are electronically matched to your geography eliminating waste. The database shows at what point buying the interconnect equals or would be less than buying zones. We couple this data with the ratings for every daypart, program and network to maximize your strategic goals.

By tagging your ads with our Clarity TV analytics program, we can provide a live dashboard so you can view when and what programs your spots aired within, minute by minute. We then show website activity around the tagged units to show the unique and repeat visitors driven to your site by the ad. By combining this data with the cost of the spot we can show by network and program a media cost per visit. This gives clarity to the value of your media choices. ™

The CTVnets platform is an alternative or extension to a national or syndicated TV campaign. These network packages are developed to match your geographic and demographic targets within the national footprint. This property can replace multiple market local cable plans. CTVnets are extremely efficient. • CTV’s Proprietary Network
• 177 Unduplicated Markets
• Up to 70 Million Households
• 100% Coverage of the Top Ten DMAs
• 100% Coverage of the Top 100 DMAs
• 60.3% of All US Cable Households CTVnets Dashboard
URLs, promo code ads and 800 numbers can be tracked by our live dashboard. The data provided can show the best performing networks and programs. The dashboard provides the IP address or phone number, the location of the contact and the duration of engagement. This allows the client to grow brand awareness and optimize media plans.
CTVnets STB This platform tabulates viewing from 17.5 million set top boxes (STB). CTV places unwired cable business with all of the multiple system operators encompassing approximately 70 million households. The STB data allows you to project what networks and programs are delivering the highest amount of impressions. Results can be projected to future cable placements and reports generated to show delivery by DMA.


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